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Thursday, January 22, 2009

LULA's New Interview by Franklin Fuentes!

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LULA Interview- The Last Word With Franklin Fuentes

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays & Welcome to the 2ND installment of THE original on-line Celebrity Interview page!; "The Last Word with FRANKLIN FUENTES!" In this issue, we celebrate the career of Dance music sensation & Kult recording artist; "Lula"!
Working in music retail, as well being a DJ.. I became familiar with Austrian-born vocalist, Lula. I think my earliest memory of Lula was seeing her pose half-nude on a Tribal/ Twisted Records album cover, striking a 'too confident' pose in the doorway of the legendary (now defunct) NY. Twilo nightclub. I've seen many sexy girls grace album/ CD covers, but she really stood out.. Even before I ever heard her voice. Maybe it's because I connected with her genuine fierce attitude? Any model can be sexy, but it's really rare to possess a "true" fierceness! TRUE fierceness can't be bought at the D&G boutique, & cannot be acquired by hanging with the fiercest of the fierce. It's like talent or presence, you either have it or you don't. You have to be born with it, it can't be taught or acquired at ANY price..

(Then) seeing Lula out at the clubs, I'd eavesdrop & I could hear that she had the ".. Yes, I am fierce.. But am not bothered (or affected).." spirit. Very rare! This breed of person could be homeless & destitute, and still know that they are above the trivalness of it all. It's almost a "Regal" manor/ vibe. Seeing Lula, then known as Claudia Radbauer, I'd never approach her. It wasn't that I felt intimidated, but I'm a firm believer in timing.

I went on to sell, spin, and party to the entire Tribal/ Twisted Records catalog.. I would encounter musical collaborations done between DJ Danny Tenaglia and "this 'new' Austrian girl", I was impressed and intrigued. Still, I didn't connect the dots that this new vocalist was the siren from the Tribal/ Twisted album cover.

Much later, I was employed at the NEW Sound Factory with DJ Jonathan Peters. We are all familiar with Jonathan's very dramatic productions/ beats, right? Well, on this particular evening Jonathan had stopped the music (on beat), after working the crowd for hours into his usual "musical frenzy". Instantly, Danny Tenaglia's vocals had engulfed the entire multi-level club!.. Danny's accapella sounded like a
cross between God commanding, and vocals that I had recorded from an earlier Tenaglia/ Fuentes collaboration; "March! (I'll Take You There)". "Lula!!..", Danny's vocals exclaimed.. Then again, but louder!.. "Lula!!.. Oh they can ALL see you know Lula!!.." Danny's vocals went on while he addressed something called "Lula". I say "something", because we would only hear what sounded like Danny praying to a force named Lula? I kept thinking, "Where's Lula, what IS a 'Lula'?"

After what felt like 15-20 minutes of Danny's thunderous voice, the crowd (including myself) was out of control. Our emotions were the result of hearing/ feeling Danny's vocals, while having Jonathan tease & abusive us through his music.. He was demanding our attention, thus forcing us to respond by begging him for more!.. And trust, WE DID!! Now the club is pitch black, as the speakers grow icy cold from not digesting any sound.. We hear Danny moan in desperation, "Lula!!".. "LULA!!... I CAN'T SEE YOU!!".. Finally, we hear the voice of Danny's 'muse' respond. "Why you can't see me?.. I'm here, dancin' ONLY for you!", said in a way that I only describe as if she was annoyed from being repeatedly summoned. Remember the 'fierce' demeanor that I mentioned earlier? Then we hear her say, "I think I'm losing my mind..".. in a VERY "not bothered" tone! I guess that Jonathan had took mercy on us, feeling that we had paid our penance having had suffered (for him) enough. He then slams in these infectious typewriter-like beats , "CLACK!-CLACK!.. CLACK,CLA,CA, CLACK, !!!" Jonathan could've played that track for an hour (which he probably did), and it was fine to us all! I wanted to run & ask him what that was, but I could stop dancin'.. I wouldn't stop dancing.., I refused to stop dancing!

Immediately after, I ran to the DJ booth to inquire about the track. I'm only told that this is Danny's new production (duh), and that it's called "Goosebumps". THE very next week, I'm on the Sound Factory stairs performing it WORD 4 WORD!! I took pride in claiming that song as my own. Being the only host/ performer at the Sound Factory that didn't resemble a woman, I differed from the other 10 (or so) queens that were employed there.. They were too busy listening/ waiting, and LUSTING for the moment when Jonathan would play Deborah Cox' "Things Just Ain't The Same". They could care less that I claimed Goosebumps, and I can't express how happy this made me!!
As weeks turned into months, Jonathan would play our faves less & less as he had to make room for newer tracks. I'd still lip-sync Goosebumps LOYALLY, by this point I was reminiscent of the "Lola" character at the end of the Barry Manilow Copacabana song!!.. Tweens & Twinks, LOOK IT UP!! Months later, I'd beg JP to (PLEASE) play Goosebumps. I sadly realized that this would probably be the last time that I would hear (& get to perform) Goosebumps, IF he agreed to play it for me then. Finally he played it. I proudly took my place on the stairs & performed my swansong for the last time.. From my eye's corner I noticed a woman that gave off a European vibe, paying very close attention to my Goosebumps "performance". 20 minutes later, I realized that she was THE "Lula". I chased her down, & when I finally found her.. I gushed to her about my love for her work. Lord only knows what she could've been thinking about me?! Like many others, my appearance/ entire energy (at 7:30am at the Factory) could've been viewed as off-putting to some..

After that our paths would cross occasionally, growing more familiar towards each other with each time. I would watch Lula's career grew stronger & more adventurous, it seemed to be never-ending. She would release single after single, informing the club-going public that she had no plans of leaving anytime soon. She stayed true to her style, while growing as a Dance artist. As with EVERY artist, some of her earlier songs might've been stronger (or weaker) than ones released previously.. But a 'true' artist is relentless about delivering whatever message that they are currently feeling to the crowd, and that is to be expected/ admired & respected. I would watch Lula's empire grow, while being fearless in direction of musical projects. Working with Industry legends; Danny Tenaglia, Johnny Vicious, Carlos Fauvell/ DJ Jiggy, DJ Vibe, Dynamix' Eddie Cumana, Alan T., Rue Da Silva, John Creamer/ Stephan K., Kult of Krameria, Lula has proved that she can stand on her own.
Now signed with successful/ senior, and uber Dance label Kult Records, Lula is finally at home achieving success through label support/ acquiring the needed paramount promotion & personal sense of security. Lula is seasoned, and seems to be immune to failure. She's grown up in an industry that usually doesn't permit many to live past 3-5 years old.., IF you're lucky?! Impressively, she's here to talk about her experiences with a smile, still with all of her original limbs in tact, & STILL possessing a healthy passion for music/ career/ performance/ life & her art. I'm amazed, in awe & so proud of her on every level. I'd hate her, if I didn't LOVE her so much.. Lol. So now, let's hear what she's currently been up to? I give you Mother Earth, & the original Speaker Inhabitant.. The Reining Queen of Clubs & all that is groove-able.. Heeere's LULA!..
FF: Hey Lula! How are you?

LULA: I'm good, thanks.

FF: I'm very excited.., so let's jump right in!.. Let's start at the very beginning..
1. Tell me about your youth?; What were your childhood goals/ inspirations?, who were your role models?, what important experiences have brought you to this point of your life?, etc..

LULA: Interesting question.... Actually I don't remember much from my childhood, I don't know why? I grew up in Vienna (Austria), I spent a lot of time on farms/ horse ranches during holidays. What I remember is that I wanted to be a farmer back then.

FF: Really?! I can't imagine you as a 'farmer'.. "Farmer-Lula"?!.. Work it out, lol!

LULA: Yeah.. Ha ha ha ha, funny.. But true. Now that I'm getting older, I'm returning to these thoughts. 35 years in between, but having a farm one day really seems to be somewhere in my life's plan.

FF: (Smiling) Sounds serene?..

LULA: Other than that, I studied fashion in school. I worked for the Austrian TV station, designing costumes for a while. That wasn't as creative as I had expected it, to be honest.

FF: That might explain your 'natural' performance style.. You know, already having worked in the media?

LULA: Then I studied Restaurant Management.. Since my family had one of the best restaurants in Vienna, at that time where I also worked. Many years that followed, I was teaching Aerobics and started competing when I moved to NY. I really wanted to open my own Aerobic studio, and travel the world to do workshops. But due to injuries and constant intensive training.. My body got kind of tired with it after a couple of years.

FF: You, an 'Aerobics instructor'?.. I can see this! As a DJ, I would make mixed tapes for the aerobic instructors. You guys would get a lil' crazy with how VERY fast you would want your music made?!

LULA: Lol. True.. Then, god must have sent him, Danny came into my life. At one point he told me to get behind the mic, and just talk. Well, I still do just that. Beside raising my son, taking care of my 4 dogs and the house, here in Vienna. There were always people who inspired me, of course.. Depending on what I did at that time. That was a very special time in my life. I will always remember my great, great aerobic trainers in NY.. Unbelievable people who helped and inspired me a lot. National champions, world champion, men, women.

FF: Mmmm, variety! True-trivia: I first met Danny Tenaglia at a neighborhood pool in Bklyn. (NY.), when I was just 14 years old. Danny (of course) was much, much older than me!.. Lol, I'm kidding.. You can't imagine how cute Danny was in his straight-leg Jordache jeans, white leather Pumas, I believe that he wore a navy blue NY. Yankees styled bomber windbreaker, with his dirty-blond DA hairstyle. I (of course) wore Calvin Klein or Sasson Jeans, drizzled in Adidas accents..

LULA: Music-wise?.. Well, there are so many producers who inspired me. Actually, its their MUSIC that inspired me, does that make sense?

FF: Definitely! We usually really know nothing about artist that we admire, besides their 'work' that they share with us. I'm inspired by many, including you!.. True. My all-time 1 is Miss Donna Summer! I admire her work, her career, she's everything to me!
2. Could you remind us about some of your past projects that we might be familiar with?

LULA: First, there was NYLX (Danny Tenaglia, DJ Vibe, Rui Da Silva) feat. Lula: "GOOSEBUMPS". Remember that?

FF: Remember it?!.. You have to know that "Goosebumps" is my favorite Lula track! My favorite 'Danny' track too! I even have the store-bought CD!

LULA: Ha ha ha, I know you do.. Most people will. Especially the legendary "mushroom" mix of Johnny Vicious.

FF: Love Johnny.. :)

LULA: Then I did "Read My Lips", from Danny's 'Tourism' album. I still get a lot of comments on "Exstasy", also a Johnny Vicious track. One of my favorites is "The DJ, The Music and Me", mostly because of the wonderful lyrics written by myself and Wilson Santos. I think many people like this track so much because they can really relate to what I'm saying? "There Is Only One" with Alan T. was played a lot all over the place this year.

FF: Yes it was! It was on every DJs playlist.. Love Alan T.!.. He is a friend & a REAL "Role model".

LULA: But what I'm most proud of is my album; "The Underground Sounds of Portugal and Me" released on Kult Records. My last 2 releases from it was "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (while a DJ gave me trouble)" and "Twilo", another favorite of mine.

FF: I'm also really proud of your new CD, all joking aside.. I love it, it's actually in my CD player right now. Besides "There's Only One".. My two favorite songs are "Twilo" & "Fire & Burn". They're both in my Beatport "FRANKLIN FUENTES Beatz 4 Your Nerves" chart. Fans of yours should checkout (& download) your remixed singles. I thought that Carlos Fauvrelle, Jiggy, and Giangi Cappai really turned your songs out! "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (while a DJ gave me trouble)" is a very interesting title..
3. Once again, my all-time favorite song (of yours) has got to be 'Goosebumps'! That song took me on a journey, while it would possessed me.. How did that song come about?

LULA: Ah, I see you really do remember it....

FF: Besides initially connecting us, the entire song is just SO sick!! &.., it's very ahead of it's time! Stop testing me! Lol.

LULA: Ahhhh, thank you. Well, the making of Goosebumps was totally unplanned. That makes it even more crazy, I think. Danny was working on a track with the USL (Underground Sound of Lisbon), and invited me to come to the studio because I wanted to meet DJ Vibe & Rui Da Silva.. The guys behind the USL. Then at one point, Danny just said that I should say some things into the microphone, no other producer before that ever thought of that. I didn't know what to say, really.. So he started talking and asking questions.

FF: A "Disco Q&A".., I love it! Actually, I love a 'Disco' anything! Please continue..

LULA: We just talked, like we were sitting in a diner (or so).. He didn't really plan to use his vocals, but for some reason he did. It all fell into the right place.

FF: It was destiny.., definitely MEANT to be!

LULA: Johnny Vicious heard the original track at Twilo, and produced this great.. GREAT mix that was one of the Top Club tracks that year. It was released on Twisted and Kaos Records (from Portugal), two of the best labels ever!..

FF: TRUST!.. Working in music retail, I sold A-LOT of Twisted Records product.. A-LOT! I miss Twisted Records.
LULA: I do too. Johnny told me that when he plays his Goosebumps mix (now), people still come to the DJ booth to ask him what track that was and where they can get it? It's insane what an impact that song has, and for so many years already?!

FF. Great product is timeless! So, you are now signed with THE 1 Dance label, Kult Records.. Your career is going great, your singles have topped download sales on Beatport, and your videos are great! AND.., you've got THE hottest re-mixers working on your tracks.. Congratulations! I would hate you, if I didn't LOVE you so much.. Lol.

LULA: Thank you, Franklin.. I'm very glad you don't "hate me"?!.. Lol.

FF: No problem, therapy DOES work.. But Lula, you're a gold record away from "SERIOUS dislike"!.. Tee-hee, joking.

LULA: Ha ha ha, I don't want to be 'hated' by "the Biggest LEGEND" of us all!

FF: If by "Legend", you mean "old"?.. Then yes, I am a 'legend'. LMAO! What the heck, I'll take that.. Meanwhile, YOU are are making history on both coasts.. In America AND in Austria!

LULA: I love you too!

FF: Awww.. (Kiss, then hugging) :)
4. So, what is being signed to Kult Records like?

LULA: Yeah, everything you said about my relationship with Kult Records is true. Actually (so far) all my tracks on Kult have been really successful, and popular. We are a good team, I have to say. I think its because we are honest with each other, and we love our music so much. We are having fun, that's what people hear (and feel) when they listen to our releases. I'm really happy that I signed with Kult Records after my baby break. What great people I have working with me. I'm blessed, really!.. To have found them.

FF: Lilla (Kult Records) is an 'idea' person & a 'fire starter'.. She's very good at getting things done & making things happen.. Luv her!
5. How did you and Alan T. first team up, and can you tell me more about your collaboration; "There's Only One"? It just had to be wild on so many levels?!
LULA: It was also Lilla (from Kult) who had this great idea for "There's Only One"; the collaboration with Alan T.. She asked me, as many people had asked me before, if I wanted to make a track with Alan? .. And after I heard all the things he said to me about taking over my speaker, and all this nonsense.. I just had to fight for my right and tell him TO GET OUT!!

FF: .. As you did SO WELL, Lu! You guys let each other have it on that track, very funny!

LULA: Which he didn't do, really.. Too bad..

Alan, play nice.., Lula would never try takeover your Mega-phone?! Lol.
For those of you reading this, Alan T. is great.. A true character, non-stop funny & totally out of control.. I love it!

LULA: But it was really fun to record the lyrics, and especially to shoot the video/ pictures with Alan. He is wild, I'm sure you know.. Him, his whips, his megaphone, Police hats, etc... I totally disappear next to him, kind of. All I wanted to do is hide inside my speaker, really!

FF: I don't think that is true at all! You have your own thing, & he has his. You can (& have) hung with THE best of them, and you hold your own very well. After all.., only the 'very special' can attempt to live in a Speaker!.. O-kay?!

LULA: But as I said before, the track was a big success! It was played all over Miami at the winter music conference.

FF: It sure was! 'DJ' friends of mine (that were there) had told me all about it. Alot of other friends told me that it was actually THE song of this years conference!..

LULA: I like collaborations, it's fun. What about us by the way?

FF.: Lula.., are you coming on to me? Lol. Seriously, Your words are making me feel so great.. Regarding your comments on Kult records; success/ honesty/ fun/ music.. That's what's its all about, I'm happy for your happiness. In this business, I'm happy for anyone that finds a 'home' w. a family that shares the same vision, & whom you can trust. Maybe Kult Records would consider doing a project with me one day?.. Shout-outs to Lilla, Eddie, & the entire Kult Records staff! When it comes to record labels, I guess that "There's Only One"?! Lula, whenever you need me to do 'whatever' you'd like.. I'm there! I'd be honored to collaborate with you anytime. Hey, but who would produce us? Lol, hmmm?
6. Could you tell us about your new CD?

LULA: My new CD.. Well, not so new anymore. We released it in March, I believe?.. Anyway, its called "The Underground Sounds of Portugal and Me". It's something that I've always wanted to do, since I love the Portuguese music so much. I'm so happy that Kult let me work on this project, its like my baby. We all worked really hard to make this album to what it is. Starting with the cover, the graphics by Tibal Tarante, the music, the lyrics.. I have to say, I love this album and if I would never make another album in my life.. I could be really satisfied with what we crated here. I'm so thankful for all these great tracks, these wonderful producers.. Some of the Best from that 'Paradise' called Portugal"! For example, Rui da Silva, Kult of Krameria, Jiggy, Fauvrelle, Manaca. And you wont find the same style (or the same rhythm) over and over. These 14 (or 13 depending on the format of the release) tracks are really showing the different styles the Portuguese guys have up their sleeve. I told them, " Don't think of sales or charts when you make the track. Just make the music you love, let it all go. Create some special/ unique track. That's what I want on my album." And I think we have nailed it, the reviews and sales really proof it.

FF: I'm sure that your great advice had to have created THE best atmosphere for creativity/ work?! Take it from someone who plays your CD regularly, all of your hard work has paid off & it IS reflected in your new CD!
7. I loved the idea of you putting a new spin on the Club classic, "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life".. Genius! The remixes rocked, and now a video?! I saw it, I REALLY loved it. You don't have to speak on this if you don't want to.. But I've heard other remixes (on-line) to your song, what is going on?!

LULA: Yeah.. The lyrics for "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (while a DJ gave me trouble)" really fit me, don't they? Its a great track, cool remixes, the video is nice too. All is good. And yes, as you said, there are some fishy things going on around this release. My label is Kult Records, that's the ONLY label who can release my new original tracks. Some people have a problem with this fact, it seems?

FF: Hmmm, sounds like unnecessary 'drama' to me? The Television program, "Dynasty" comes to mind.. Again, I won't force you to tell.. But I wish that you would, my mouth is watering.. Lol.

LULA: Hmmm? (smiling) I think it's sad that even in the MUSIC business.. A business that many of us are in because of the love/ joy we feel when we listen to music because of a longing to express our feelings THROUGH music, gets spoiled by envious people that are solely driven by power and money?! WHY, OH WHY?! I will never get it, most people that I know don't get it either? We are not in the oil business, we are not dealing with weapons, we don't make billions of dollars. Still, even though some people get totally sucked up in an antisocial, hateful, unlawful behavior.. Isn't that too crazy?!

FF: Amazing, but evil people are everywhere. But I agree with you.. This is the music industry, it would be nice if we all had songs in our hearts & music on our minds. It's not like we're in the military, or even prestigious/ successful Wall St. brokers, or in any business where we should have to really watch our backs to this extent. But this is the very REAL 'dark side' of the music industry that our fans don't see. These types of industry people pray on artist that would be content just to create their own art in order to get their message to the masses, through music. It can be draining, and stifling to ones creativity. Who wants to deal with this type of drama?!

LULA: Its so useless, as if there weren't more important things in this world to worry about?! I'm a very peaceful person, I don't care much about money/ success. I'm making music because I love it. I love the process of creating a track, I love to write what I feel. I have nothing bad on my mind when I'm working on a track, and that's all that really matters to me..

FF: People that create art (to support themselves financially) know exactly what you are feeling/ experiencing. I feel bad when kind-hearted, talented people fall victim to this & are forced to experience the drama of this business.
8. What New projects are in store for the "QUEEN of the Speakers"?

LULA: Much more LULA coming your way, that's for sure. ARE YOU READY?!? Since we have so many finished vocals at Kult, we are working on a new album already. Also, there will be more single releases of some tracks of my "Portuguese" album. Remixes of "Always Lost" are next, and a totally new original dark underground song called "Lula Overdose".. Or maybe just "Overdose", not sure yet? Very dark underground tracks are the kinds that I really like. It will be my next new favorite for sure!!! During my baby break, too many thoughts/ song ideas had gotten bottled up inside of me.. As they are released, you might 'overdose' on Lula VERY soon?!..

FF: Ooh.., I like the sound of that. What a way to go?.. Death by Miss Lula's 'Nasty Beats' & 'Techno Terrors'.. "I think I'm losing my mind?.." And I like it!
9. What are your life's goals?; Who would you love to work with?, where does Lula see herself in the next 5-10 years?, etc.?.. Tell me?..

LULA: Wow, hard one. Hmmmm?.. No idea really. Somehow I want so many things like my organic Farm, to rescue poor abused farm animals, maybe I'll attempt this in Austria? Even though.., I have always considered leaving Austria? Maybe I'll move back to NYC, which I still loooooove? Maybe travel the world for some time, live here and there? Wherever I feel like.. Paris, Barcelona, LA?.. Of course all my decisions will also depend on my (now almost 9 year old) son.. How long will he be in school? What school will he want to go to in a couple of years? Where will he study, and what? I don't know anything for sure, and honestly I'm fine with everything as long as my son and I are healthy.. I'm like a chameleon, I adjust pretty easily. With age, I've found out that one needs a reason/ purpose in life to be fulfilled and happy. Making music is fun, I love it. Though I don't see that as a 'life purpose' for myself. My purpose for the next couple of years is to raise my son to be a happy, confident, creative, healthy young man. To help and rescue animals, THAT makes sense to me. It FULFILLS me, and makes me happy!

FF: Well said. I guess priorities can change when you are planning for two? Your son picked a great mom to have. & I like your 'easy going'/ 'free spirit' attitude.. The world IS your oyster, and it's filled with many options so live life as it comes.. Finding your purpose, ultimately making you happy..
10. In closing, What advice would you give to any 'up & coming' artists?

LULA: Wow, who would ever ask ME for advice?.. Lol. Actually some people already have. Anyway I'm happy to give it, so here goes.. Don't give up! If you feel there's music inside of you, keep making it. Even though the tracks might not sell that much, or might no even get released.

FF: Preach on, Sister of the Speaker!!..

LULA: Stick with it, one day you will get to the top. Maybe it will be the top of the underground. It..s still the top.

FF: Ooh.., very deep!

LULA: And this is not ONLY appicable for "UP and COMING" artist, really!..

FF: Bring it baby..

LULA: Always be honest, real, humble and down to earth. Don't get a big head. None of us are "special" enough to be conceited, cruel, and heartless.. No one is ever THAT 'special'! Even if one gets a Grammy or has a couple of No. 1 Hits, be kind and have a good heart. Always remember who your TRUE friends are. No fame, no top hit, no $1,000,000 gig is worth loosing your friends over. Nothing is worth loosing your health over, either.


LULA: Live and let live. There is room for all of us, for all of our tracks. No need to be jealous or envious, just have fun with your creativity and the music.

FF: Rules that I try to live by on a daily basis.. I'd like to add that no matter who you are, no matter what you do (or don't) have, and no matter how bad life (or anyone) could make you feel about yourself.. Know that you've earned a place on this planet, AND.. You ALSO deserve to be here! Don't make others feel bad, in order to make yourself feel good!.. ANYONE can read, or put someone down.. Try to to show a little compassion for people that might be in unfortunate situations, the very smallest effort really means alot to the person that's going through a bad situation.. Okay, enough of the bleeding heart sentiments.. Lol. Hey, can we marry each other if we're both single at 60?..

LULA: Ha ha ha, yeah sure.. Let's get married when we are 60! But only if you help me drive the tractor, grow potatoes/ corn and all that?.. If I have my farm by then? Lol.. I'm just imagining us both in designer farmers' over-alls/ rubber boots with Ipod headphones on, feeding the pigs and cows.. Actually, I'm pretty sure I will still be single at 60.. Whatever, because honestly Franklin.. The 'Speaker' is my only lover!..

FF: Lol, well I think that you are a great person! Please give your son a big hug for me. Lula, I had a real ball hanging out with you & having the opportunity to talk THE talk with you today. I wish the very best in life, and (of course) in EVERYTHING that you do..

LULA: Thank you sweetheart..

FF: And 'thank you' for your participating in one of my Dreams & Happy Holidays to you (& yours)!.. You are a very special lady.

LULA: So are you, lol.

FF: Bitch! : )

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LULA Twilo Reduced


Many of our readers won't have experienced Twilo, to which you pay homage in your latest single, "Twilo." What made that particular club so special, and what impact did it have on you?

Twilo... Twilo... oh God... its part of my life. I´m SPECIFICALLY talking about Sunday mornings at Twilo. It was the most perfect place of them all. Everything there. Everybody there. All the promoters, the security guys, door men, bar men, dancers.... (Oh my ... Ray, Marcello, Ivan...
I´m sure everybody remembers these mega sexy guys?) All the friends I made there.... sooooo many. And I loved them all so much. What times we had there. It was all love, happiness. Every week. For all of us. And of course the sound system. To die for. The big, black speakers right next to our bodies. We could feel every sound, every beat in our heart and souls. Coming right at us from the dj booth were Danny was doing his magic. Danny´s music was to die for.... these were the best nights of my life. Filled with friends, laughter, love and tears. We let all our emotions out right there on the dance floor. No worries to be judged or criticized. We were all a big family that night. Thank god I had the privilege to be there. Every weekend. We couldn´t miss it. I lived for it. We all lived for it. It was our heaven. Our paradise... enough..... I have to stop.... I get too too sentimental...

Taken from rom Lula Interview on HX Magazine

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LULA vs ALAN T "There Is Only One"

Direct KULT store to buy THERE IS ONLY ONE:

The video is Directed and filmed by Hermus Parga ;edited and composed by ADD TV George Lyter who gets mad props for his creativity!!!

When KULT Records' A&R first heard ALAN T's current KULT Records single entitled "Here In Spirit" (which vocals say: I am here in spirits, coming directly from the speaker) could not but think of NYLX's "Goosebumps" by Danny Tenaglia and the Underground Sounds of Lisbon (aka DJ Vibe & Rui De Silva) the classic from 1998 with vocals by unlikely Austrian Diva LULA....wondering what LULA would say if she heard someone else in her space...the speaker!

Fate would have it that Eddie Cumana from KULT had been talking with LULA to do a song for KULT right about the same time! So KULT's A&R played LULA the song of ALAN T and asked her if she had anything to say about ALAN coming for her throne and if she wanted to do a song together with ALAN T...LULA loved the idea and recorded some vocals which were sent to ALAN who recorded some vocals and sent it to Eddie and then Eddie went to cooking with what he had and the battle for the speaker "There is only one" was born. Alan T brought the record the same night Eddie sent it the demo mix to him and gave it to Danny (Tenaglia) who played the song 5 times that very same night coupled with announcements of how he had not been so excited about a record in a very long time! And so the buzz has began and with only superstars being serviced & there is a video in the works and this song already promises to be on the most talked about songs at the WMC. With support from Behrouz, DJ Vibe, Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, Superchumbo, Chus & Ceballo, Ralph Falcon, Rui De Silva, DJ Boris, Luca Ricci and a few other key dj's, "There Is Only One" is bound to break some speakers!

"There Is Only One" is produced by Eddie Cumana of DYNAMIX. Eddie Cumana has enjoyed much US Radio success, multiple Billboard Number Ones and IDMA nominations for Best House Record of the Year (2000/2006) and various radio records as well as having executed official remixer for Pink, Cindy Lauper, and Toni Braxton amongst many others under his various monikers and is KULT's shining star. With "There Is Only One" Eddie Cumana went back to his roots and took it underground, where he likes it best. With Lula vs Alan T "There Is Only One," Eddie Cumana shows off his skills in all directions from his ingeniously crafted acapella to his crazy beats. For the first mix, Eddie sampled Tibal Tarante's beats on Tibal's mix of Lula "Fire & Burn" also on KULT Records to sequence his vocal construction and ended up sending that mock up mix off to ALAN T who gave it to Danny Tenaglia and the rest is history...this mash up is making it in the package! The other 2 mixes are a variation of the same direction "This is how I heard this," Eddie says..."I am glad people are liking it"

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Once again LULA delivers another KULT chart topping hit. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (While a Dj Gave Me Trouble) is Lula´s newest single. Lula teamed up with Papa Joe on the track. In true Lula style the song is guaranteed to make crowds dance.

The track is remixed by many of the worlds best DJ´s. From D-Unity, Tribal man DJ Paulo, Giangi Cappai, Gabriel Robella, David Makerz and Mario Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure.
One mix to surely get your hands on is the insane original Eddie Cumana vs Eddie Amador vs Bruno Renno Mix, which has been topping the charts on Trackingspain at number 1 for weeks.

No surprise that today the track is still giving other songs a run for their money. Lula has proven to be the Queen of the Speaker and now the Queen of the Charts! Lula is one to be reckoned with, flawless chemistry of her sultry & strong lyrics with tribal-progressive beats.

Soon to be released is the forthcoming video to Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (While a Dj Gave Me Trouble). Just like her last video it promises to be a viral phenomenon throughout the web.
It we will feature here on
Get yours copy now! Out on Beatport, Perfectbeat & Trackingspain.